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Interested in starting a small-scale farm?
Check out these ATTRA resources!


Beginning Farmers

ATTRA Resources for the Beginning Farmer is a great place to start, and provides a huge variety of helpful publications, many of them free to download, including:


Sustainable Agriculture

ATTRA's page on sustainable ag has many great resources, including:


Tip Sheets

ATTRA has a number of free tip sheets available, including:


What about SIFT-specific publications?

Keep an eye out for more upcoming SIFT-specific publications, but in the meantime, the following are all wonderful resources for the small-scale farmer:



Keep checking back for our SIFT-produced videos, coming soon. In the meantime, check out these ATTRA webinars:

Tools for Small-Scale Crop Production
Pest Management in Organic Production Systems
Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food
Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food
Uploaded: Dec 7, 2010
Local Food Systems 101
Local Food Systems 101
Uploaded: Apr 15, 2010
From the Farm to the Farmers' Market
Hoop Houses For Extending Your Growing Season